Seven words that captured your attention today

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I haven’t pitched Drakon a lot in this blog. My marketing consultant (great guy) and my publicist (don’t have one of those yet, suggestions welcome) would be outraged that I am blabbering all this non message-driving nonsense. Where is the url, where are the catchy pictures? I should always have a title with a number for each blog post. Seven. Never six or nine. These are evil numbers. Only the word seven should be on the title.
Seven reasons to read Drakon.
Seven billion readers are waiting to read Drakon Book I: The Sieve
Seven salt-free, non-fat snacks to have while reading Drakon.
Seven best epic songs of all time.
Seven ninety-nine for the paperback!
“Seven” works they say. Remember that number. It will ring a bell at the final chapter of the Drakon book.