I am moving to Boston

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I am leaving Greece and non-immigrating to Boston for a year. It is a non-immigrant visa so I am not really immigrating, it is a temporary thing, unlike all other eternal things like high-school love promises and middle-age beer-bellies.
Maybe two years. Not more. Do some research at MIT Media Lab and focus on launching Drakon. It has been a hectic two months, making a snap decision and the change for the whole family.
I am moving for a couple of reasons:
• Change is the best teacher I ever had in life. Even when it was for the worse, it was so educating. And an elixir for youth.
• My life in Greece is pretty good but those of others around me isn’t. And that is a sad trap. It leads to fear and inertia. I can’t change it in any other way than write my stories. And support the publishing company.
It will take one hundred years to change anything through stories. And that’s only if they are good ones. Ask the evangelists, they’ll tell you it takes time, only televangelists are fast. In the meantime, it breaks my heart that I can’t change things here. I don’t want to be in politics, I’d suck at it anyway and would make matters worse. How did the Benne Gesserit used to say it? I ‘ll find the quote.
A little secret. I am not very excited about Boston yet, but I am excited about change.