Is this book for you?

This is a boring post, yet it contains a lot of useful information, I hope.

Drakon is an epic fantasy book –I don’t like much the series term, because this is really one story– approximately 350,000 words or 1,000 pages. It will be released in four parts throughout the next twelve months.

It is a work of fiction that belongs to the fantasy genre, though some will doubt it. It is closer to the subgenre defined as hard-fantasy. According to the Wikipedia definition:

Hard fantasy is a subgenre of fantasy literature that strives to present stories set in (and often centered on) a rational and knowable world. …Some instances of the genre feature alternative geography and cultures without the presence of magic, dragons, and elves stereotypically found in many other fantasy settings.

As I describe it in one sentence, Drakon is a story where man is the only monster. The story is rich in mythology and tales and perceived magic but the myths are there to serve very real human monsters. Almost every fantasy reader who read it agreed that it is fantasy. I am not sure why. I believe it is because I wrote the story from the viewpoint of the barbarians. It is our familiar world –well, a long time ago– unveiled through the eyes of the others, the ones our chosen princes and knights and saints have been sent to slay for thousands of years now. The Drakons. The ones who are supposed to lose at the end, so we can sleep at night.

If you like fantasy you will find enough of that in Drakon. Beware though, you will not find any dragons, elves, or magicians. There are witches of course, but their only magical power is that we fall in love with them.

If you are not much of a fantasy reader, you might enjoy it equally.

In the end, your experience will have nothing to do with the genre, but only with the story and the writing. I hope you’ll like it. I will be honored if you read it, as time is the most precious thing we own.

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