And so begins the journal and the journey

And so begins the journal and the journey of the greatest book ever written (by me at least). I had the first launch meeting today with my team at our one-year old publishing house, located in suburban Athens, Greece. I spent the last three years writing Drakon, an epic (definitely), fantasy (maybe) series. I researched it in English, wrote it in Greek and then rewrote it in English. Come September June September, we are launching the English version.

As I was getting ready to present to the team my vision about the new website I spilled coffee all over my keyboard. In local folk culture this is considered very good luck. I wish I was more superstitious.

Constantine was asking about writer’s passion, Antony about inches. Dimitri asked me if I believe that humans are inherently good or bad. All great questions, essential for a first meeting. I have all the answers even on the inches question (6”x9” paperback). My answers.
Till next time.