Drakon Book II is out. Read & Review, please!

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Drakon Book II: Uncarved is on Amazon

Here is how you can HELP (read all the way to the end of the message to claim your reward):

1. Go to Amazon and buy the book

If you read eBooks you can get it for only $4.99 (+VAT in Europe). You can read Amazon Kindle in any tablet by downloading the Amazon Kindle app, assuming you have an Amazon account.
If you are enrolled in Kindle Unlimited (USA only) the eBook is FREE.
If you love killing trees, the paperback is $9.99.

2. Read the book
Book II, is 110K words, 360 pages. So at an average reader speed of 300 words per minute, it will take you 7 hours. The whole Drakon story (Books I to IV) is 350K words, approx. 70% of LOTR. You can find a lot of info about all of this in my journal.

3. Rate the book (the more stars the better) and write a review on Amazon
In the super competitive world of publishing, reviews are important to writers. Over 85% of all Amazon Kindle readers rely heavily on book reviews.
I don’t want you to review the book if you didn’t read it. Ethics first, success second.
So, after you read the book, go to the Amazon page, scroll down to the review section and enter the review and the rating.

4. Rate the book and write a review on Goodreads
Goodreads is the leading reviews site.
This is as important as the Amazon review.
If you can read Greek you can see some of the excellent reviews the book got in Greek here

5. Subscribe to the newsletter so you can get news about the book and the next books.
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You can read the journal that has a lot of great info about the book, about my life and maybe even yours.

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7. Send me an email, recommendations, hints, tips and whatever else.

About that reward: It is unethical to offer rewards in exchange for reviews, you should know that. If you are a reviewer, or you know one who will provide an honest review in exchange for the book, I would be glad to send you a signed copy or an epub. Email me here.

Your only reward is that you may like the book, or maybe even love it.
I’ll buy coffee when we meet again, or for the first time, but that’s not a reward.

Thank you so much and have a wonderful time,

C.A. Caskabel (aka Chris)