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Drakon Book I: The Sieve

“The Sieve” is Book I of the epic fantasy novel Drakon.

“I am here to redeem the lives of my wife and daughter. I’ve brought the offering.”

Thus said Da-Ren, the Devil’s First Blade at the gates of the Castlemonastery; His only offering, a jar of honey.

This is his story, as transcribed by the monk Eusebius, as ordered by the Emperor himself.

  • “A quick-paced, exhilarating story that, after only the first volume, is already epic.” — Kirkus Reviews
  • “If you like dark fantasy, this is a fantastic installment.”
  • “Fast-paced and full of action, but it is the first-person narrative that makes it so powerful.”

Drakon Book II: Uncarved

“Uncarved” is Book II of the epic fantasy novel Drakon.

“How do the Uncarved die? They bleed to death. Always.”

Fourteen-winter-old Da-Ren joins the Uncarved, the chosen few destined to lead the Tribe. More than forty children train and compete for the next five springs; only one will become Khun and fulfill the Tribe’s destiny.

  • “An epic story, from sometime/somewhere in the dark years. Great summer reading! Winter too.”
  •  “I’m looking forward to book 3. I strongly advise that you not pass over this series.”

Drakon Book III: Firstblade

A bloody campaign to the ends of the earth, fierce battles against the armies of the Cross, a thirteen-moon siege of a great city, and an undying dream to return to the Forest.

Book III is the turning-point of Da-Ren’s story as the Tribe invades the seven cities of the South.

Firstblade is a book of poisons: the legends of hatred, the words of the witches, the scorpion’s sting and the Drakon’s blood, the hunger of a mad leader for power. Love. One poison will prove stronger than all others.

  • “More dark beauty from the Drakon saga. Looking forward to Butterfly and the completion of Da-Ren’s story. A well written, barbaric quest for enlightenment”.

Drakon Book IV: Butterfly

The fourth and final book in the Drakon series, the debut of C.A. Caskabel

After five years of war, Da-Ren returns to Sirol hoping to reunite with Zeria. Once again he has to stand between the fanatics of his tribe and the innocent. The more he strives for peace, the deeper he dives into a web of murder and deceit.

  • “The story of Da-Ren is poetry written in blood. Brutally beautiful, wonderful and terrible, triumphant and tragic. Dark fantasy done right. Thank you Mr Caskabel for a fine, fine story.”
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