When pigeons fall from the sky and farmers start dying in South China, Dr. Tina Walker, a world expert in the H7N9 flu strain, knows that the world is out of time.

Tina lives in Athens, Greece, raising her family while trying to end a toxic affair. Now she must race against the clock to convince the populist anti-science government to secure vaccines before global supplies run out. She will find the most unlikely allies in Lucia—a criminology student turned vigilante—and Yara—a teenager trapped in a refugee camp. Together they fight sex traffickers, corrupt officials, an eccentric tycoon, fanatics, and a devastating pandemic.

Cradle is part medical thriller, part murder mystery. It paints a picture of a far darker alternative present and a bittersweet future where globalization is both our undoing and our savior. The book starts as a slow-burner and turns into a roller-coaster set in Athens, with chapters in Manchester, Varanasi, Nairobi, Lesbos, Monrovia, Baltimore, and Geneva.

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