A quick protein breakfast

SpiderSo I guess everyone itches to learn what my book, DRAKON, is about.

Do you? No, you don’t? I thought so.
I don’t think anyone gives a shit about my book. There are, half a million new titles published every year in the USA and the UK alone. Most of those inquiring minds, that even care to read, haven’t even read most of the classics yet. And we probably have accepted that we’ll never find the time to read them all. The spider’s web embraces War and Peace in my basement library. I don’t dare disturb it, spiders need to feed also. Spiders never mess with my kitchen utensils; they always find some inconspicuous corner to have a quick protein breakfast.

Why should I mess with theirs? So? What is my book about? Who cares?
You definitely don’t. Yet. Maybe if I hone my marketing message better and blah blah… You are bored already.

I’ll tell you why I care. Why I write. I believe that stories are the one thing that matters. They forge our salvation and our demise.
I believe in saving mankind one page at a time.

No, I am not religious. Anymore. Quite the opposite. I write fantasy. Some think that this is quite different from religious fables.
In other news: Children attend a war-safety awareness class in the rebel-controlled area of Maaret al-Numan, Syria.

Children in Syria