Drakon Book I: The Sieve


Do not be fooled. The Sieve, Book 1 of 4 of the Drakon epic fantasy series, is the tale of twelve-year old Da-Ren but this is not a young-adult series. Your children shouldn’t read it until they’re children no more.
On his thirty-second year Da-Ren arrives on the island of the Castlemonastery to redeem the lives of his wife and daughter. His only offering is a jar of honey. He is born in a pagan tribe, north of the Blackvein River, a leader of fierce men who dream only of the story they’ll take to the stars and who kneel only in front of the longskull witches.
For years the monks will transcribe his words, a brutal yet poetic first-person narrative of war, death and love. The ink will flow brown for his childhood, black for the tribe, red for the campaign, and blue for his metamorphosis. It is a story that reads like fantasy though its most unbelievable moments are based on historical events and actual tribes.
This is a hard-fantasy novel where man is the only monster and the human spirit fights against superstition and racial hatred. Will it prevail? At what price?
“I cannot defeat their stories, the legends, the prophecies… they have endured for countless winters now.”
“You can, Da-Ren. But not with blades. Only with other stories. Better ones.”

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