When, what, how. All you need to know.

Drakon is actually one book and not a series, one epic story close to 350,000 words. For comparison purposes, the Lord of the Rings trilogy is 437K words, A Game of Thrones (Book I is 287K words) and War and Peace is 565K words.

I decided, given that this is a self-publishing (ad)venture, to publish the book in four installments. I believe there is a decent attempt at closure at the end of each of the first three books, and there is definite closure at the end of the fourth book. Didn’t have much of a choice. No one would commit to read a 350K book from a first-time author if they didn’t like the first part. The book was always split into four parts, four phases of the hero’s life, even in its original Greek version.

Book I is very small. At 42K words, it could even be called a novella. It is available from September 13 on Amazon as an eBook ($0.99). It is free if you are a subscriber to Kindle Unlimited, and the paperback is available for $7.99, which is extremely close to my break-even of producing the book through CreateSpace. If you buy from Europe you will see prices that are higher by some cents, due to added VAT.

I intend to follow up with Books II, III, and IV very soon. Each one of them exceeds 100K words so they are the perfect novel size.

The names of the four books that make up Drakon are:

Drakon Book I: The Sieve (available September 2016)

Drakon Book II: Uncarved (expected December 2016)

Drakon Book III: The Barbarians (expected March 2017)

Drakon Book IV: Butterfly (expected June 2017)

I could even push these timeframes earlier a couple of months if there is demand. Well, if there is demand from the readers I’ll do whatever it takes.